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Music Technology area

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Teresa Marrin Nakra
Coordinator of Music Technology

Quinn Collins
Music Technology

Mark Kalinowski
Music Technology


Music Technology is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses interrelated practices, including composition for media, studio recording, audio production, interactive music systems, and signal processing. At TCNJ, Music Technology bridges two departments in our innovative School of the Arts and Communication: Music and IMM. Our undergraduate offerings prepare students for jobs in the music technology field or to pursue graduate education at top graduate programs, including University of Southern California, New York University, Georgia Tech, University of Westminster, and University of Michigan. TCNJ alumni compose professionally for film, television, and video games; they work in recording studios and professional theaters; they write code and design algorithms for musical collaboration, recommendation, interaction, education, and expression.

Music Technology courses that are regularly offered include:

  • Electronic Music (MUS345 / IMM250)
  • Audio Recording and Production (MUS337 / IMM251)
  • Scoring for Interactive Media (IMM270 / MUS270)
  • Audio Signal Processing (MUS335 / IMM351)
  • Interactive Music Programming (MUS336 / IMM350)
  • Independent Study projects (IMM391 / MUS391)
  • rotating Special Topics courses
  • IMM for-credit internships with music companies and recording studios

TCNJ is also home to a state-of-the-art Recording Studio in the Art & Interactive Multimedia Building (AIMM room 235): see a recent story on ABC TV news. Some of the ways TCNJ students use the Recording Studio facility outside of classes include:

  • attending open studio nights on Mondays and Tuesdays, available to all TCNJ students
  • joining the Association for Music Production & Discussion (, a recognized TCNJ student organization that sponsors studio time
  • requesting session time for a class or curricular project by emailing Teresa Nakra at
  • applying for the audio tech job through TCNJ’s Office of Student Employment
  • attending our occasional Sound Thinking workshops with experts in audio production

Come create and innovate with us!

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