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Designing T-Shirts and other items for The Barnyard Sanctuary

Name of company/organization: The Barnyard Sanctuary
Brief Description of company/org: The Barnyard Sanctuary’s mission is to rescue,
rehabilitate and rehome farm animals that are displaced, abused, or whose
caregivers are experiencing hardships, by providing them with a safe, loving and
nurturing home.
Link to Website:
On-line Store:
Brief Description of Job/role/project: ie what you are looking for student to complete in
this project/role  We are looking for assistance with designing T-Shirts
and other items for our online shop to help raise money for this
501c3 sanctuary.  All profits from the on-line shop go directly for
the feed and care of the farm sanctuary animals.  While we are
unfortunately unable to provide financial compensation, we will
give credit on the store itself as well as on the website to the
Contact info for where to send resume/portfolio: Tamala Lester, Founding Director of The
Barnyard Sanctuary at:
Help us make a difference in animals’ lives and build your design portfolio at
the same time!