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Music Technology Minor

The Music Technology Minor was launched in Summer 2020. This exciting interdisciplinary program encompasses interrelated practices for creating, recording, producing, coding, and studying music through the use of new media and technology. In order to complete the Minor, students must take five courses offered across the Departments of Interactive Multimedia, Music, and Communication Studies. A comprehensive list of requirements and course options can be found in the bulletin. For questions about adding the Minor to your program of study, please contact the coordinator: Teresa Nakra, Professor of Music, Design, and Creative Technology. (For students who are interested in pairing this minor with the B.A. in Music, please see:

Music Technology Minor Requirements (5 total courses)

  • one Fundamentals course in IMM or Music (IMM 110, MUS 261-264)
  • one course in Digital Audio (IMM 251, MUS 337, COM 369)
  • one course in Composition or Sound Design (IMM 250, IMM 352, MUS 345, MUS 350, Independent Study)
  • one course in Interactive Music Systems or Creative Coding at the 300-level or above (IMM 350, IMM 351, MUS 335, MUS 336)
  • one Advanced Option (400-level) course in an area of the student’s choosing (IMM 460 with permission of instructor, IMM 470 Special Topics in Music Technology)

College Policy allows TCNJ students to cross-count one course between their major and minor programs of study. Please reach out to the IMM Department Office ( or 609-771-2173) to request Chair review and approval for a cross-counted course.

For more information on the courses, experiences, and facilities offered in the Music Technology Minor, please visit these links: