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Academic Advising

Academic Advising and Course Planning in IMM

All students are assigned a faculty advisor based on their major program of study. Students are responsible for taking the initiative to ensure that they are on track to satisfy graduation requirements. Faculty academic advisors help students with this process by providing information, guidance, and referrals. Your advisor’s name can be found on your PAWS “Student Center.” Students should review the Academic Requirements report in PAWS as well as supplemental departmental material to determine which courses remain to be completed. Students can utilize the “What If” report feature on PAWS to explore possible additional majors, minors, or concentrations.

While academic advising is not solely focused on the registration process, it is a key component for which students should be well prepared. Consider reviewing these helpful suggestions for maximizing advising and registration.

Advising Holds

Every semester, academic advising holds are placed on IMM student PAWS accounts. It is important for students to meet each semester with an IMM faculty advisor to discuss course planning as they complete their course requirements for graduation. Academic advising holds are lifted by the department following completion of an IMM advising session.

The Department of Interactive Multimedia holds group advising sessions for our students leading up to fall and spring registration. Students will receive emails from the office notifying them of the upcoming group advising schedule. Multiple sessions are held over the month prior to each registration period. It is mandatory that IMM majors attend one of these sessions in order to have the academic advising hold lifted for course registration. Holds will not be lifted until advising is completed for the upcoming semester.

Students will meet with one of the IMM faculty members during these group advising sessions to receive one-on-one advising. Prior to these meetings, students are asked to complete a four year planner. Refer to the IMM Paths Through the Curriculum document for assistance as you work to complete this form.

Academic advising sessions also provide good opportunities for students to discuss planning for their intermediate and advanced options courses, study abroad options, internships, independent studies, and careers. Students are always welcome to set up individual meetings with their faculty advisors at any time during the semester to discuss questions related to their studies and post-graduation pursuits. Students should email their faculty advisors to set up meetings during weekly office hours.

Other useful IMM advising resources: