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Fall 23 Student AIMM Makerspace Tech

The School of Arts and Communication, Makerspace department is seeking candidates for our Makerspace lab technician role.

The students will assist students and faculty in the Makerspace and the video streaming/electronics lab in ensuring the safe and proper usage of equipment. Students will also be assisting in the sanitization and maintenance of these spaces.

Main Responsibilities: 

  • Assisting students and faculty with ALL equipment/tools/software in the Makerspace.
  • Daily cleaning and sanitization of equipment and the general room of the Makerspace.
  • Assisting in all social media for the Makerspace, and creation of instructional/tutorial videos. Including but not limited to photos and videos for documentation purposes of work and activities that occur in the Makerspace.
  • Creating and managing inventory/reporting for the machine, equipment, and materials in the Makerspace.
  • Assisting in Demos, workshops, and training sessions held by the Makerspace.
  • Create labeling and signage for organizational structure in the Makerpsace.
  • Assisting in all daily operations in our video streaming and electronics area of the Makerspace.

Learning Objectives: 

  •  Students will become proficient in Makerspace tools and technologies.
  •  Students will develop skills in public speaking, leadership, and organization.
  •  Students will develop an increased understanding of audio and video equipment and production.

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Having previous basic experiences and understandings with digital fabrication tools and technologies (ex: Laser cutters, Vinyl cutters, 3D printers, CNC machines, CAD softwares, etc…)
  • Be able to problem solve and work through issues systematically.
  • Be self-driven and motivated to be able to complete tasks during each shift without micromanagement.

Qualified candidates must apply online and should submit a resume.